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Gift Guide: For The One Who Has Everything

Our final guide of the season is designed to help with the most difficult person on your list: the one who "has everything".

Whether this person is the type to buy themselves whatever they like or they've acquired a collections of goodies over the years, they'll find these gifts surprising, unique, and delightful. They may be the person who has everything, but they don't have these... yet. :)

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Language Learning Playing Cards

 Learn Mandarin Chinese Game

Learn a language while playing your favorite card game with these smart lingo cards. Available in Spanish, French, Mandarin or Japanese, each card has a common phrase and pronunciation guide. Play often and you'll have the basics down just in time for you next big adventure!

Portable and Powerful Speakers

A stellar sounding speaker that fits in your pocket, these retro-styled cuties boast impressive, robust sound. The little speakers are Bluetooth with a play time of up to 10 hours. Their bigger siblings are Bluetooth and FM-radio-friendly and come with an auxiliary cord and antenna tucked in a tiny suitcase. Even if they already have a Bluetooth speaker, it's not as cool as this.

Clever Cocktail Creations

Budding mixologist? Host with the most? Gift them this handy infuser paired with a signature herbal blend (and a bottle of booze) and they'll have an activity that will reward them with balanced infused liquors for the tastiest beverages. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These lightweight blue-light blocking glasses are exactly what's needed for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen, which is, um, almost everyone these days. The basic screen-reader version (+0.0) fits the person who doesn't need cheaters. For those of us (ahem) who need a little help reading up close, they're available in magnifications from +1.0 to +2.5. 

Unique Local Art

Locally made and utterly unlike anything else, these 3D wire sculpture birds and owls make a gift that will not be forgotten.

Do they love mid-century modern design and the Emerald City?

Or perhaps a watercolor interpretation of our state, city, or neighborhood maps will help them find their way home.

Speaking of maps, these meticulously layered multidimensional art pieces layer original photography with topo charts and imagery built from the elevation lines!

The Gift That Keeps Gifting

Easily portable and ship-able, Click! gift cards (for in-store and phone shopping) are a welcome gift for anyone whose taste is as good as yours ;). They're especially welcome when tucked into a small card wallet that they can keep using long after the card value has been spent!

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