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Gift Guide: Pack it + Ship it

Our second gift guide of the season is all about small, pack-able and easily ship-able gifts. (find the first one here if you missed it)

Some can be sent in an envelope, and others fit comfortably in a small box so they’ll travel easily to your far away someone, whether in your suitcase or through the mail. And as an added bonus, because of their small size, they would also fit nicely in someone's stocking.

We've collected these and other gift ideas at this handy link right here.

Locally Made Truffles and Chocolates

These chocolates and truffles are made locally in small batches with fresh, high quality ingredients. That translates to decadent sweets that melt in your mouth and keep you coming back for more. The bars come in a range of flavors - from the vegan-friendly candied orange to the satisfyingly crunchy dark chocolate cacao nib (pro-tip: tuck one into each of your holiday cards for a sweet surprise). If your recipient is into tiny edible art (who isn't?!) they'll love these hand-painted bonbons. As for the truffles, peanut butter crisp is the current house favorite.

Cards That Get You Thinking

Evolutionary Knowledge Cards

Perfectly suited to fun-fact enthusiasts, budding biologists and curious souls of all ages, the Evolutionary Card set is sure to help you become the champ at your the next trivia night... Or, learn conversational phrases in 4 different languages while playing your fave card games with these travel-friendly tins.

Science-Based CBD Pain Relief

This collection of CBD products was developed by a woman-owned, research-loving, Seattle-based company dedicated to providing everyday pain relief. Soothe your giftee's aches with an oil roller, luxurious cream, or spray (that doubles as sanitizer!) in scents like calming lavender, energizing citrus or crisp, refreshing peppermint. They're just the thing for those with arthritis, headaches or muscle aches, and would also be the perfect addition to a self-care home-spa session for the busy bee's that need a little me time.

Candles for Aromatherapy


Add a little touch of luxury to their day with our newest, locally made candles. The scent profiles are deep and thoughtfully layered and the double wick on the large size ensures a more even melt. Use them to create a signature home scent or max your relaxing during a warm, leisurely bath. Every candle is hand-poured in Seattle by a Black owned company and our current faves are the Seattle Fir and Cinnamon Chai. Their 40-hour burn time (25-hour for travel tin size) means we can enjoy them all throughout the holidays <3.

The Tastiest Salted Caramel Sauce

The perfect balance of sweet and salty, this buttery caramel sauce is sure to be a crowd-pleasing gift. Use it as a dip for apples, drizzle it on popcorn, or top off your sundae (or latte!) with a hearty dollop. You could also skip right to eating it by the spoonful (... like some of us have...). Made in Oregon, it's a versatile and easy favorite for anyone on your list with a sweet tooth.

Art Pieces That Add Depth and Texture

Reeve Washburn's monoprints are a gorgeous study of color and shape and their small size makes them super easy to ship! With their thick wood-block base, these abstract, one-of-a-kind collages can stand on their own or be hung on the wall. With the range of colors and shapes, they'd work with any décor style and would be lovely displayed on a bookshelf or in a favorite reading nook, singly, in a pairing or a small collection.

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