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Product spotlight | Scrappy's Lavender Bitters

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Scrappy's Bitters is a Seattle-based company creating delicious, inventive bitters that transform cocktails and sparking water alike. We love this local company, and especially love that they freely share a great collection of cocktail recipes on their website. Here's one submitted by Tavern Law, a speakeasy in Capitol Hill, which highlights their original lavender bitters. Maybe impress your Valentine by masterfully mixing a delicious cocktail? Start practicing! DR. GIRLFRIEND 1 1/4 OZ GIN 3/4 OZ GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 1/2 OZ APEROL 1/2 OZ ST. GERMAIN 1/2 OZ LEMON JUICE 1 DASH LAVENDER BITTERS MARTINI GLASS, LEMON TWIST

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