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February Featured Artist: Erik Railton

We originally noticed painter + skateboarder Erik Railton and his colorful, geometric, abstract works back in 2018. We'd planned to host his second showing in March 2020 and, know what happened then.

We're beyond stoked to mark his long-awaited return to West Seattle this week during Art Walk! He'll be bringing new work in his signature, calming color palette along with prints and tote bags — including a few pieces done specially for this show (hello, West Seattle painting! hi there, Olympics!).

Meet Erik Thursday, February 10th between 4-7p. Show runs through March 6th with select pieces available online here.

(p.s.: Valentines Day is coming up quick and you know how we love giving art as gifts!)

West Seattle Erik Railton Abstract Painting

What have you been up to since the last time you were at Click?

I have showed at Click once before in September 2018. I was supposed to show March 2020 which is the month that everything shut down for Covid. It’s been a busy and different time since then. I’ve finished building a studio space in my backyard and I’ve had several art shows. I have been trying to show art as much as possible. The pandemic gave me a good amount of time to just work on paintings. I was able to finish up some work that had been sitting around my studio for awhile. I have also been trying to spend time with my family and enjoy life too.

Olympics Original Painting Erik Railton Click Design West Seattle Art Walk

Do you find that your work processes change with the seasons, and if so, how?

It’s definitely easier to work on art in the summer. The days are longer and the sun provides inspiration to create. The flip side of that is that there is always something to do in the summer. I think the amount of light we get in the summer compared to the gray skies of the winter has an effect on some of the colors I choose. When it’s gray outside I tend to use brighter colors because everything seems so flat and dull outside. I do love creating new work, so I try to be out there painting most days whether it’s sunny or raining.

Geo by Erik Railton West Seattle Art Walk Click Design

Has there been a big “oops” moment you’ve had while creating? What was the outcome?

Yes, I have definitely had “oops” moments in art. That’s the beauty of creating something. I usually start off with an idea and by the time it works out on canvas it is completely different than the original idea. I love the mystery of starting a painting and then taking a creative journey to finish a painting. It can be very frustrating or very rewarding. One minute you are questioning everything about your painting process. Then the next minute everything comes together and you are staring at a finished painting. It’s really a mysterious and fun journey.

Pacific by Erik Railton Click Design West Seattle Art Walk

Is there an easter egg in any of your pieces? A detail that you particularly love that others may overlook?

There are parts of my paintings that have a specific meaning to me. I like to leave the translation of them open so there is mystery in my paintings. I think that is a big part of what makes art interesting. A painting can mean something different to each person who looks at it. Details in the painting can remind the viewer of a memory or trigger other personal feelings. It’s all about who is looking at it and what they have experienced in their life.  

Erik Railton West Seattle  Art Walk Abstract Painting


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