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Metal + Matter: A Jewelry Invitational

Our third annual Jewelry Invitational "metal + matter" is a celebration of modern jewelry makers and an homage to our roots*. We'll be presenting the work of 3 new-to-Click! jewelers alongside expanded collections from Click! staples Konzuk, Chikahisa Studio and Rain City Forge.

Get first dibs during West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday 11.14.19 from 5-8p. Debuting at the opening reception:

Geometric Gems by Bellevue based la objeteria:

la objeteria

KONZUK's Frank Lloyd Wright Collection:

 Frank Lloyd Wright


The latest from Seattle's Chikahisa Studio:

Chikahisa Studio Necklace

Textural staples from Rain City Forge:

Rain City Forge

Lightweight and colorful adornments by the Bay Area's Bird of Virtue:

Bird of Virtue Necklaces

Organic, mixed metal pieces from Seaside OR's Susie Frances Aoki:

Susie Frances Aoki


*Handcrafted jewelry will always be our very first love. You see, before there was Click!, there was Smersh Design Jewelry (SDJ). Frances's collection of jewelry that began as copper and brass mixed with hardware findings and grew into an award winning selection of silver encased cork, concrete and pearls.

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