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Refresh Your Home for Spring, #myclickdesign style

Spring is HERE! With it comes sunshine, flowers blossoming, soon-to-be flourishing gardens, and warmer weather (or at least a chance of it here in the PNW). The increase in Vitamin D already has us feeling lighter though we’ve also been feeling reflective. It’s now been a little over a year since we had to close our brick-and-mortar location for 100 days during the first stages of COVID shutdowns.

Over the past year, we’ve all spent more time in our homes than ever before and have gotten *very* used to them. The change in seasons (and the energy boost from spring!) is the perfect time to re-examine our homes and give them a simple and uplifting refresh. There’s nothing quite like helping your favorite spaces feel fresh and new again <3. 

We pulled together some ideas to help you capture that *new space feeling*, from the walls to the kitchen, entryway to the office.

All photos are examples from our crew of how their favorite Click! finds live in their homes <3. Show us how you style your favorite Click! goodies with #myclickdesign on Instagram!

1) Play with Color and Texture

Add color or texture… or both! If you normally gravitate toward neutrals, adding a pop of color here and there can make your space feel fresher and more vibrant. Have a penchant for color? Adding neutral tones helps balance and emphasize some of the colors you already have. Texture makes your home feel like a cozy retreat from the world by providing dimension in both a visual and tactile sense.

One way we play with color and texture in our homes is by utilizing rugs and placemats. We love our Chilewich rugs which come in an array of colors, weaves, and sizes to suit any space. They make the perfect doormat, kitchen runner, easy-clean dining rug and more. Placemats too, both woven and hand-printed silicone are great for lending color and textural interest. Style these on your dining table for every meal, under plants and a corner lamp, or on a dresser with your favorite collection of jewelry and objets.

2) Curate A Collection You Love 

Another way to refresh your space is by adding bits of joy to your everyday experiences. Consider curating a collection of items you love. Not sure where to start? Take a pen and a pad of paper and walk around your home, taking note of similarities in the types of items that make you smile. Knowing what you are naturally drawn to is a great place to begin.

One thing that makes the Click! crew smile? Coffee. So naturally, some of our favorite things to add to our collections are mugs. We adore our collection of handmade ceramics from local artists, along with our sassy mugs that express how we really feel. They make that morning (and afternoon... and early evening) cup of coffee that much more pleasant to drink.

3) Add Art You Connect With 

Look at your walls. Are they bare? If not, how well do you connect with what's there? Redecorating with art that means more to you is a perfect way to give your home a little makeover.

Our crew loves supporting and filling our home with work by local artists (like our March featured artist who checks both the art + texture boxes!). We are art mixers too - we love combining different art styles and mediums on our walls, shelves, and dressers. This makes our spaces feel like a reflection of who we are, which makes us happy to be in them.

4) Have A Place for Everything 

De-cluttering and organizing are great ways to do a simple refresh. A tip for getting started (especially if it seems overwhelming) is to have a designated “clutter-box.” Fill it with various items cluttering your space throughout the week. At the end of the week, sort through the box. Put things back in their place, find a home for items that don’t have one, and get rid things you don’t need. Soon enough, the clutter will disappear. If you need more ideas for organizing, you can also check out our blog post about organizing the home.

One of our favorite ways to organize things is by using sleek looking felt bins to sort them. Smaller ones are perfect for clothes, craft supplies, and stuffed animals. We use the larger ones as storage for blankets, sweaters, and linens. They can function as hampers and laundry baskets. Another organizational tool we adore? This minimalist shoe rack that has so much storage, has space for keys, mail and other knickknacks, all while being space efficient. Triple win!

5) Bring in Some Greenery 

A little bit of greenery in every room will make both you and your home feel more cheerful. Adopt a new plant (or two or three). Get some flowers from the farmer’s market and display them in cute vases. 

We love our air plants for a no fuss plant solution (perfect for green and black thumbs alike!), and some of us have taken home quite a few. And these vases are the perfect way to display flowers… or simply a branch from a bush or tree that just needs to come home with you.

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