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Behind the Product | Kate Alarcón


Get to know Kate Alarcón, the designer / maker behind the gorgeous Instagram sensation, CobraLilyShop. She'll be teaching ten lucky people how to make paper ranunculuses this Saturday, May 7th at Click!

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  What do you make / design? I make and teach paper plants and flowers. What is it made of? Mostly crepe paper, but I also sometimes use tissue paper and cardstock. How is it made? By hand.  I hand cut all the leaves and petals and assemble them myself.  It's very time intensive but also extremely fun.

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How did you get started? At first, making flowers was just one of a hundred other crafts I did.  But I started to really dive in after feeling frustrated at my limited ability to garden.  I loved the idea of having flowers all over the apartment, but didn't have a place to really grow them, so I started to build up my flower-making skills.  Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to make a flower garland for her room.  It was a big part of my experience of preparing to bring her into our family.  She was an extremely lively baby; the doctor would always have to kind of chase her around my belly to get a heartbeat.  Her personality seemed to me to be really bright and vivid and vivacious.  I felt like a pastel room wouldn't suit her.  So I made these over-sized, brightly colored dahlias, peonies, and roses for her room.  After that, I was hooked.  (Also, I was right about her temperament!)

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Career highlight thus far? I really like the different ways my business allows me to interact with other creative people.  I like trading ideas on instagram, creating projects for Design Sponge, and getting to teach those projects in workshops.  Its really satisfying to me when someone says they're excited to try a tutorial, because, as a craft nut, I've felt that excitement about other people's projects, and it's one of the things that makes life feel joyful to me.  I like feeling like my job is to help creative people nurture themselves, either by making their own paper flora, or by filling their spaces with the flowers I've made.

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Anything else we should know that’s not included above? Specific inspiration? Aspects of your work / business / general awesomeness that sets you apart from the pack? I think, among paper flower makers and enthusiasts, I'm probably known as the crazy lady who will try all kind of weird things to make an idea happen.  I don't really have a specific wheelhouse, like a specific genre of flowers; I like to experiment with everything from showy blooms to delicate wild flowers and orchids to creepy carnivorous plants to cacti.

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We're so excited to have Kate at Click! for our inaugural class this Saturday, May 7th, and have a sneaking suspicion it's going to happen again. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don't miss out (this class sold out in 2 days!) or email to be put on our May 7th waiting list. XO, CLICK!

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