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Amy Huber: Organically Controlled

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Thursday, May 9 from 6-9pm we welcome Amy Huber for an opening reception on West Seattle Art Walk. Amy has two collections of new work, both very intriguing conceptually while also accessible and affordable. The bulk of this show, Organically Controlled, focuses on a series of diptychs Amy created with ink and paper as a sketchbook experiment. Each original illustration seeped ink through to the paper behind it, which became the start of the second drawing. The relationship is apparent but not obvious: Mason Jar Art   Amy is also bringing a delightful collection of small "stress paintings". These pieces originated from the forms Amy would sketch while working (as a graphic designer at Nordstrom). The patterns proved strong enough for Amy to paint them on canvases and other media. Her strong design sense comes through in these bold, beautiful works. Green Stress Painting  Chartreuse Painting   ArtWalk is second Thursday from 6 to 9pm. See the walking map here.

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