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what  •  the introduction of Click!'s comprehensive collection of Konzuk engagement rings and wedding bands  •  the launch of Orbis, Karen Konzuk's new line of concrete and gold jewelry  •  the opportunity to meet the artist! when  •  Saturday May 4th, 11am to 5pm (RSVP on our Facebook event page) why  •  because this is Design That Fits Kon_brc Although we have retired our own line of concrete jewelry, we do have a soft spot for the material. It therefore makes us extremely happy to be hosting the launch of Karen Konzuk's Orbis collection.   Kon_dbl_nk-600 Combining steel, cast concrete orbs in incrementally varying greys, and forged spheres of bright gold, Karen has created an absolutely stunning collection of work. Come by to meet Karen and have a sip of bubbly with us. If you're in the market for a unique piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime... you can have your rings sized by the artist!


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