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How to: Host A Top Tier Summer Party

We’ve been dreaming of backyard barbecues, classy garden parties, and beachside soirees all year long. Now that summer has arrived, we’re done dreaming and ready to get doing!

It’s been a little bit since we’ve hosted a get together so we pulled together a list to remind ourselves how this summer entertaining thing works. As always, we’re keeping it sweet and simple (just how we like it 😊).

Ambiance is key, so the first thing to consider is décor. Your fête will feel extra welcoming with these little bud vases filled with foraged blooms and spread throughout.

Add some color and texture by layering your tables with woven, easy-to clean placemats. Then cute the whole thing up a notch with these marble card holders for seating arrangements or pictures of your friends (the goofier, the better!).

These solar string lights turn on automatically at sundown, making them a great option for parties that flow into the night-time. Add in some candles for a warm glow and relaxing aromas and you’ve set the scene for a flawless get-together.

The next thing on the menu (literally) is food. Our favorite cookbook for easy and flavorful recipes is Simple Beautiful Food. While there are tons of mouth-watering options, we can’t resist the shrimp tacos with roasted tomatillo salsa and the basil panna cotta with macerated berries for a truly summery meal.

If you have guests with dietary restrictions, reach for Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy. Written by a local dietician and with recipes like zucchini noodles with pistachio pesto for a main dish, and coconut mango sorbet for dessert, it won’t feel like your options are restricted at all.

Break out the sophisticated barware to serve your signature cocktail and set up the bar area with a selection of bitters to encourage guests to do a little DIYing. Also, try the infusion kits for quick, balanced (and v tasty) infused liquors.


And of course, we can’t forget the music and entertainment. For your favorite tunes, these extra portable, super stylish Bluetooth speakers are a must. Curate a playlist ahead of time or have your guests send you a selection of their favorite songs to put together a more eclectic mix.

Portable ping pong = perfection. This set has everything you need to play anywhere you go. It can accommodate different table widths, and it’s an easy choice for friends who would love a spontaneous table tennis tournament.

A puzzle or two set up in a shady area is a great activity to catch up over. And for an unconventional twist, paint watercolor postcards with your guests to send to friends and family who couldn't make it to let them know you’re thinking of them. <3

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