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The *Best* Summer Kickoff Plans

Summer is sooo close (officially beginning June 20th! / unofficially July 5th in Seattle) and we’re kicking off the season by opening our windows to welcome the breeze, soaking up that sweet sweet Vitamin D and plotting our future berry-picking adventures. The weather is warming and we’re determined to spend the gorgeous, sunshine filled days reconnecting with friends and family, checking off those early summer to-do's.

Acacia Wood Cheese Board

As we dust off the patio tables and bring out the lawn chairs, one of the first activities on our list involves three of our favorite things: cocktails, cheese and (vaccinated!) friends.

Hosting an outdoor cocktail and charcuterie party is easy with beachy-toned glassware and home-bar infusions. Add an elegant cheeseboard and the perfect accessories - like this adorable teak spreader great for soft cheeses and homemade jams and top off the platter with bite-sized, decadent chocolate truffles for a perfect touch of sweetness. 

Muzen Green Button Speaker

Another early summer “to-do” is celebrating the graduates and students who are wrapping up a year of remote and semi-remote schooling.

These retro Bluetooth speakers are portable and pack a ton of sound in a tiny (and adorable!) case. They’re ideal for dance parties, camping and adding a soundtrack to all of their upcoming summertime outings.

For a classic grad gift, a watch that suits their style can add a  their outfits (and to help them arrive on time to college classes or future meetings they might have). Combine that with a long-lasting leather wallet and fill it with some cash or a Click! gift card.

Almond Lunch Bowl

Picnics and beach trips are two classic summer activities we looove. What we love even more is combining them!

Kicking summer off with a picnic on the beach is easy enough when you’ve got the right gear. Like these totes and backpacks which have a waterproof lining, enough room for swimsuits, towels and picnic necessities.

Pack your food in the cutest portable sandwich boxes and bowls. The sandwich box has a secure lid which doubles as an serving and cutting surface, and the lunch pot comes with a handy, leak proof protective case to keep those sneaky grains of sand out of your snacks.

And be sure to carry a bottle of skin soothing cooling spray to refresh your face and body during your day in the sun.

Scrappy's Aromatic Bitters

And of course, Father’s Day is right around the corner too! We're ready to raise a toast and show our appreciation to all the Fathers and Father-figures out there.

Something that Dads and Dad-types generally love? Things that are practical and well-made. Like this sturdy backpack that's roomy enough for every possible gadget. Fill 'er up with some of dad’s favorite things (Books? Coffee beans? A list of dad joke inspo?) or a surprise itinerary of your planned Father’s Day activities.

If Dad's a globetrotter, a local stay-cationer or maybe just the type that "borrows" Mom's bath products, set him up with a new dopp kit filled with dad-approved goodies. He's sure to love the cleansing charcoal soap and facial puff along with a bottle of moisturizing beard oil.

If Dad’s idea of self-care is more along the lines of a nice cold beverage, locally made, small batch bitters add a sweet, spicy or savory layer of complexity to cocktail (and mocktail) time.

Cheers to (almost!) summer!

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