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Jewelry Invitational + Small Works Show 2021

This year's annual Jewelry Invitational is a special one, for multiple reasons. For one thing, we're expanding the scope to include other "Small Works", not just wearable ones. What's more, some of our featured jewelry is by Click! co-founder Frances Smersh. Made over the course of her 30 year career and pulled from the archives for a retrospective exhibition at her memorial this year, many pieces are available for the first time in decades.

Frances's retrospective jewelry will be available in store only, starting Thursday Nov. 11, with the West Seattle Art Walk. Select works from other artists will be posted (and linked below) alongside their interviews in the coming weeks. The full show runs through the end of the year.

Our newest jewelry friend is Andrea Haffner, whose tiny interpretations of the natural world set in resin have us daydreaming of walks in some mystical forest.

Again this year we'll be showing an expanded selection from local maker Ann Chikahisa, whose pieces have a rugged beauty all their own.

In addition to keeping Click! running behind the scenes, Adia Mei Jun Bobo has entries this year in both "Jewelry" and "Small Works", and we're over the moon about both categories!

Another newcomer our show this year is West Seattle local Reeve Washburn, whose monoprints have a vibe that makes us feel like putting a jazz record on the turntable and soaking it all in.

So What

We will be sharing more interviews with our artists shortly. This post will be edited to include links to those interviews and items as they come online.

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