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Product Spotlight: A Hobo Bag For Any Occasion

Hobo Collection

If you’ve ever been in the store, you’ve probably seen one of our longtime favorite product lines: Hobo. These 100% leather wallets, bags and backpacks are a Click! staple.

The woman-owned company that makes them values quality and versatility. Anyone who takes home a Hobo bag gets a long-lasting product perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

There are tons of different styles and leather finishes to choose from, whether you're new to the line or a tried and true fan. Hobo's wallets and bags are designed to make your life on the go simpler – from easy access phone pockets to the light-colored inner lining which makes it easy to see what's in your bag at a glance.



Meet Jill, one of Hobo’s compact wallets. She can slip into your pocket seamlessly and doesn’t take up too much space when you’re on the go.  The useful tri-fold design means Jill has enough room for your cards, ID, bills, receipts, and a bit of change. She's also got a handy snap closure to ensure everything stays put.


If you want a wonderfully practical wallet, Rave is your new friend. This sleek, mid-sized wallet keeps your cash, cards, and coins organized with ample card slots, a billfold, and a zippered pocket. The zip around feature (with a smooth zip to avoid frustrating snags!) provides a little extra security. Rave is big enough to fit a passport, small notebook, and your pen so you can keep your most reached for items in a convenient spot.


Lauren is Hobo’s most popular hold everything wallet/clutch. We’ll admit it - it’s one of our favorites too. This wallet has a timeless design, comes in a variety of leather finishes and colors, so there’s something for anyone equally as smitten, including this version with the outer pocket.

She's perfect for both the person who doesn’t carry a handbag but needs a little extra room and also the person who packs their whole life into a large purse. The easy-to-open side pockets provide enough space for your cards, coins, keys, passport, phone, and receipts. The strong magnetic closure means it’ll stay folded under your arm or wherever you put it. If you want a wallet that can do it all, Lauren is your best bet.

The Essentials

Darcy & Cadence

Darcy and Cadence are classic, minimalistic, and convenient convertible bags. If you choose one of these bags, you’ll have the option to carry them as a wristlet, a handbag, shoulder bag or crossbody. They have just enough room for the things you might need for a day out shopping or an afternoon brunch, and even have little card slots so you don’t need to pack your wallet.

Darcy is great for those who want a sleek bag that will lay close to your body. Cadence is perfect if you want an extra outside pocket, and a bag with a little more structure that stands up when you set it down.


Fern is a deceptively slim bag that will hold more than you think. The vertical shape and brass zipper hardware make it fun and stylish, perfect for a date night or a trip with friends. You can also customize the strap length by untying and retying them on the inside to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Nash is the bag for people who want something small and organized. It opens wide and has three separate sections to help you group your items however you want. The rounded top and clever design make it a great choice for minimalists who crave a twist on a classic shape. Also, it comes with a sweet tassel for a little extra pizazz (after all, who doesn’t love a good tassel?).

A Little More 


Cambel is a great midsize bag with a simple design, making it great for both business and casual settings. It hits the sweet spot, being large enough to fit the essentials with enough room for one or two (or three!) extra items without being too bulky. The zipper on the side means it’ll lay flat against your body, while helping you access what you need without too much digging. And its multiple interior pockets will keep you well organized in any setting.


If you find yourself continually debating whether to bring a backpack or a shoulder bag, meet Merrin. This handy, perfectly sized bag easily converts to either, so you'll have the right style whenever you need it.

It’s got a pocket on the outside for sunglasses, keys or other items you might need quick access to. Adjustable straps mean it can fit a variety of body-types and will lay close to your back for comfort and security. It’s big enough to hold a wallet, tablet, book, water bottle, and more, and is still light enough that you won’t feel weighed down when on a trip or running errands.


Sheila is the ultimate commuter, day tripper, picknicker, bring-everything-you-need-with-you bag. It’s roomy enough to fit a laptop (or two!), notebook, change of clothes, toys, lunch, your wallet and more. Jet-setters will love Sheila as a carry-on bag, and it’s great as a daily bag too. It has handles for carrying, and a strap to wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody.

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