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New Smersh Design Jewelry: "Nos Familles" (Our Families)


Before there was a Click! Design That Fits, Click! creative director Frances Smersh was primarily a jewelry designer. Recently Frances felt she needed to create new work, and turned to Click! assistant manager Michelle Ting to help realize her ideas into physical pieces. The results of this collaboration will be revealed this Saturday with a special event at Click!. 

Pite D'amour (Love Wind)

The new collection is titled "Nos Familles" (Our Families). Michelle talks about the process of working together, and the naming of the collection:

"Work begets work" is a mantra I like to keep in the studio space. For us, our work started with Frances's sketches, both new and old. We didn't know quite where we were going; we didn't even know that there would be a new collection! We sifted through sketchbooks and boxes of past designs. Some were finished projects, though many were half completed thoughts. I'd pull out something that caught my eye and Frances would say, "Oh!" and continue with a story of the past. These moments were treats and treasures for both of us; one reliving and one discovering. The shapes and forms that sparked these memories became launching points for the new collection.

"It takes a village!" as they say, and this collection was no different.  Frances recently made a trip to visit her aunt in Quebec, and came back with a list of French words and phrases to create work from. Frances' cousin helped translate to English and from this list, we chose names for each piece of the new collection. Even though I've never met them, I definitely feel a connection through their words and this collaboration. 

"Nos Familles" came to be because of the love and support from those around us. For both of us, the collection name represents the different families that we are a part of and the Click family that we have come to love and depend on. 

Whether they be geographically near or far, or born into or chosen; this collection is a dedication to them.

The jewelry will debut at Click! Saturday November 4, 10am – 6pm. Throughout the day:

  • Purchase of any design from the new collaboration will include a free piece from Frances's existing Tattoo collection.
  • We are introducing new colors (not eligible for gift with purchase, sorry) to the Tattoo shapes.
  • We are collecting donations of your old jewelry in any condition (broken, missing pair) for the Women's Shelter Jewelry Project, a program run by the Seattle Metals Guild to help homeless and disadvantaged women through shelters in the Seattle area and the YWCA Dress for Success Program.

 A final note: Frances and John visited family in Quebec during their road trip around the US and Canada when they were 24. It was a result of this visit that Frances, inspired by her aunt, first considered the idea of creating a career as an artist. Our recent visit, and her work with Michelle, has brought that family story home. The inspirations and collaborations go in so many directions in so many of our families, and extend to our local community who have been so incredibly supportive.

Alume (Ignite)

photos: Pite d'amour (Love wind), Alume (Ignite), words and phrases by Denise Hebert (translated by Benoit LeBlanc) preview photo Entre Donc (Come on in)


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