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Meet Capuli Club

Sunday, July 30 during the West Seattle Farmer's Market we'll be hosting a pop-up with Capuli Club, a mother-daughter team creating infusions that bring a taste of the tropics to Seattle. Plan to stop by and taste these creations... the dried fruit packs will be available for purchase during market hours on Sunday.

We caught up with Gabriela on inspirations ranging from Latin American cuisine to bossa nova and architecture:


How would you describe what you make?

We specialize in the craft of artisan flavor packs of dehydrated fruits, herbs, spices and flowers. They resulted from a desire to help people  share beautiful, healthful moments surrounding food. We believe that with our flavor packs we are adding a grain of beauty and health to everyone who enjoys  our products.

Do you have a personal favorite or a favorite way to enjoy them?

Yes, I love enjoying them in a cold drizzly afternoon. I love watching the fruits rehydrate and the colors enliven the table setting. I love sharing them while chatting and sharing laughs with my mom.

If you could collaborate with anyone (living or not), who would it be and why?

In a wild dream, I would love to collaborate with Claus Meyer from the Noma in Copenhagen. I love how he embraces the power of food in developing culture. With his restaurant Gustu in Bolivia, Claus and his apprentices are transforming an entire nation, sharing so much joy and empowering many.

I love how Claus sees potential in a place and culture that many have been overlooked before. I also love that he finds great value in Andean biodiversity and cuisine, I am originally from Ecuador so I love Andean food. I would love to get a chance to learn from him!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I think that one of the most valuable lessons I have ever been given came from one of my favorite professors in architecture school, Rob Corser. While many thought some of my ideas were a little crazy, Rob believed in me and let me dream. I think more people should dream and not give up on their dreams.

Can you describe your favorite part of the process in your work?

I love the interactive aspect of my work. I say that our blends are inspired by the PNW because they truly are. In the process of developing our blends we have truly  embraced an interactive approach. i think that their quality and refinement has really been the result of the feedback and inspiration from many along the way. The responses of our customers in the different settings truly guide our design process.

When you are in the studio (or kitchen), what are you listening to?

When I am working on new blends I love listening to acoustic music, bosa nova is my favorite. When I am baking or prepping I love listening to audio books, right now I am listening to Francois le Champi by George Sand, her books are mostly idealistic and very beautiful, I love her writings.

What is your most treasured handmade possession?

Probably the last model I made in architecture school. I made it and dreamed through every detail with complete freedom. I love dreaming about spaces and experiences and I am glad I was able to put that beautiful project together.

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