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Gift Guide: For The One Who Has Everything

Our final Gift Guide is dedicated to many people's biggest gifting challenge... the one who seems to have everything. What do you get for someone like this that they'll love, use, and, most importantly, not already have?

If you’ve been putting off searching for this person until the very last moment, don’t you worry. We have some suggestions for gifts that will bring a smile to their face and find a definite place in their home.

Bluetooth Speaker

Small Retro Bluetooth Speaker

One of our absolute favorite items in the store are these darling, retro-style speakers. They come in two sizes and are perfect for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks or amplifying the sound on your computer.

The smaller one, which resembles a mini record player, is Bluetooth enabled, portable enough to carry on a key chain or in your pocket and packs a mighty amount of sound in a tiny package.

The larger version is Bluetooth enabled and also has FM radio capability and comes with an auxiliary cord so that any device can work with it. All packed in a sweet little suitcase with a detachable antenna. (fun bonus: the suitcase comes with tiny stickers to decorate with!)

Both devices are fantastic options for the one who's always on the go, the one who loves for hiking, camping, beach-combing, or just hanging around the house. Even the person who has everything will appreciate these little speakers for a) their cuteness quotient and b) improved quality of sound for their audio entertainment.



Perhaps the person you’re shopping for has a gallery-esque style and loves to add to their collection. If that’s the case, our sweet wire bird sculptures are sure to capture their attention. Crafted by a local wireworker and silversmith, these distinctive sculptures add a phenomenal 3D element to the walls and are just the thing for high entryways or other awkward spaces that traditional art won't work. Short on wall space? Try hanging them from the ceiling or placing in a corner. The sculptures are beautiful in and of themselves- as the light shifts and moves over them, their as shadows become part of the artwork, enhancing the walls even more.

We have plenty of other options for original art and art prints that can fit into anyone’s home. Things like abstract and mixed media paintings full of fantastic colors, whimsical layered map artwork, woodburned art, photography and homewares from our fave local artists (including members of our Click! crew). All are guaranteed to add a little more charm to anyone’s space. :)


Neon Lights

To (literally) brighten up their day there's nothing more perfect than neon. Just right for the entryway, office area, living room or bedroom, these signs give a dreamy glow. This wall-hung heart is a statement-maker that's sure to be appreciated by the one who likes a bit of old school flair because we could all use a little more love in our lives (this year especially).


Cocktail Gummies

Give the gift of an after-dinner drink and dessert mixed into one with our latest obsession -  boozy, cocktail gummies. These bite sized candies are based on deconstructed cocktail recipes such as the Gin + Tonic, Tequila Sunrise and Cosmo. They combine premium fruit juices with your favorite spirits and are coated with infused sugars for a sweet finish. They're are a fun, new way to enjoy a “drink” and are seriously tasty.

Perfect for the one who is always experimenting with their cocktails, who's favorite saying is "just try it" and who loves a gift you can consume (so, everyone). Select their go-to spirit (Vodka, Gin, Tequila or the mixed Love pack) and enjoy the look on their face when they discover their new favorite treat. Each box contains a collection of "cocktails" made with the spirit of choice.

These are available in-store or over the phone as they are 21+ (sorry, not able to ship). We'll be checking ID's at pickup / checkout / delivery :)!.


Gift Cards

Finally, how can you guarantee that someone will love their gift? Let them choose it! After all, when it comes to gifting for someone who has “everything,” sometimes the best thing is to let them determine what they need. Gift cards are perfect because they never expire and you can choose the amount that fits just right. Our gift cards can be used in-store and over the phone (if you're shopping online just call in to place your order) and if your giftee is out of state, not only will you both be supporting a small business, but they'll also get a little local love sent straight to their door. You really can’t go wrong with a gift card, and we’re positive whoever you give it to will love it!

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