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Gift Guide: For the Curious Ones of All Ages

Some of our highest held values around here are curiosity and education and we have a feeling that's true in your household too. We believe it's important to ask questions about the world to find out how and why things work, and to continue feeding the spirit of inquisitiveness we all have. That’s why we’re loving these books, activities and all together informative materials. They’re both literally and figuratively some of the brightest items in the store.

Here’s the thing- though they may look it at first glance, this collection is not just for kids! These make great coffee table books and are perfect additions to the library of anyone who goes down rabbit holes while researching Equinoxes or is captivated by series like The Universe or Planet Earth.

If you've got someone on your list who's curious, loves to love to learn and appreciates artful presentation – these are for them (even if that person is you!). If you’re a parent, educator or anyone who works with kids and you’re searching for new ways to engage and stimulate their curiosity – these are for you too.

With an array of topics, learning more about these concepts will keep you busy throughout the winter – and give your eyes a break from all that screen-time with some good ol' fashioned, non-virtual education. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to make some amazing new discoveries.

Outer Space

Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space

In a galaxy far, far away… there’s bound to be a bunch to learn. Luckily, we get to explore the planets, stars, galaxies and more with none other than Professor Astro Cat. The Astro Cat space adventure combo includes a book, flash cards and a puzzle. They can be used individually, or dive into all three to reinforce and experience different ways of learning. Read the book, take a little flash card quiz, then spend some time at the table putting together the puzzle (which includes a search and find full of fun science vocabulary!).

We love the engaging, retro-style imagery and the way that complex concepts are translated into relatable and easily digestible info-graphics. There’s so much information in these gorgeous illustrations, that you’re bound to learn something new every time you come back to it. Perfect for kids to discover again and again as they get older, and also for grown ups to learn (or re-learn!) about the vastness of the universe.


Earth Science

The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth, 500 piece puzzle

For the one who is ever curious about the world around us, the way all living things relate to one another and the many different ways in which our world is made up, The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth book and puzzle are sure to thrill, awe and educate you about the interconnectedness of the planet we live on. This is a delightfully accessible way to learn more about the Earth and then have an activity to do along with it!

With appealing illustrations that help explain facts, maps and charts, and detailed information about ecosystems on different continents (from the Northern Great Plains to the Antarctic Tundra), this book is a great introduction to Earth science. It also includes tips for how to make sure we're continuing to take care of our planet so you can put what you learn into action. As a fun bonus, the puzzle also comes with a poster with additional facts about ecosystems on the back. This collection is perfect for both the nature lover and the budding nature lover alike.


The Language of the Universe: A Visual Exploration of Mathematics is the exact book you’ll want to look at to understand math on a deeper level than the average bear. This large format book takes you on a tour through mathematics as it relates to the natural world, physics, chemistry, engineering, space and technology and ensures that you can relate what you learn back to real life.

It’s bright, bold illustrations keep things visually interesting and it contains an encyclopedia of information broken down in a way that even the person who claims to not be the most mathematical will go away with an understanding of  just how much math plays into the world around us. Everything around us speaks the language of math, and this is perfect for the curious soul wanting to learn more about that language.


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