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Frances Smersh + Stephanie Hargrave

art art walk geometric organic original art painting West seattle

Click co-proprietress Frances Smersh and encaustic painter Stephanie Hargrave have spent the last several months creating a beautiful body of work and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it. We will introduce the resulting mixed media paintings Thursday October 13.

Frances Smersh Stephanie Hargrave

The two artists have been friends for decades and collectors of each other's works (jewelry, ceramics, painting, sculpture, etc.) since the day they met. Though the two have shared studio space in the past, this is the largest co-creation experiment they've taken on to date. 

Stephanie Hargrave Frances Smersh

Their shared aesthetic spans a range from architectural to organic. Frances's lines meet Stephanie's flowers, paper meets wax on wood, each takes on the other's aesthetic and medium until you can't tell who contributed what to each piece. This a rare and gorgeous collection will be available when we open Thursday morning October 13 at 11a; share a drink and chat with Frances and Stephanie from 6-9p during the West Seattle Art Walk.

Original Art Seattle

UPDATE 2016/10/13: The work is now available online.

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