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Frances Smersh "Iterations"

Click co-proprietress and creative director Frances Smersh is perhaps best known for her jewelry designs, but in the last several years her primary creative outlet has been painting, drawing, and sketching.

Warm, by Frances Smersh


Spring, by Frances Smersh

Having spent much of the summer doing collaborative mixed media pieces with Stephanie Hargrave, she's since immersed herself in her own studio, working in charcoal and acrylics on wood board, and reworking some older pieces into a new iteration.

Frances Smersh

When she's not in her studio, she sketches. The pages of her sketchbook stand on their own as small works of art, and complement the larger paintings. 

Sketches by Frances Smersh

Frances's "Iterations" opens at Click! during West Seattle Art Walk, Thursday October 12, 5–8pm, and will remain up through November 6.

UPDATE: we've added some pieces online.

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