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Frances Five Years In: an Alzheimer's Update

It's been nearly five years since Click! co-founder Frances Smersh was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer's Disease at age 48, and one of the most common questions we get in the store is "how is she doing?". 

It's a difficult question to answer because all things considered, she is in a great place. She socializes with friends and customers on the floor at Click!, continues to make art, and is generally in good spirits. These are the things we focus on.

In other news, she is increasingly confused by the simplest of conversation, is unsteady on her feet (she's currently wearing a cast on her right hand as the result of a recent fall), and has a hard time finding words to express herself.

We're continuing to look for help with her care and appreciate leads for local, recommended caregivers.

Before she was diagnosed, Frances volunteered at Providence Mt. St. Vincent, assisting with art classes. She was recently asked to show her paintings at The Mount, in what she laughs about as a funny turn of events. This Friday, January 31st, is Frances's birthday and she will be celebrating with a reception there from 5-6pm. Refreshments will be served!

Providence Mt. St. Vincent is located at 4831 35th Ave SW; the show is in the 2nd Floor McCallister Hall Art Gallery through February 15, when it will move to the fifth floor gallery to be shown through the end of March.



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