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Our 16th Anniversary and Click! Collective Show

It’s our sweet 16 here at Click! (we can drive now!), and while this anniversary is being celebrated a little differently *waves fist at 2020*, there’s one tradition we love that will still be here: our employee art show. In previous years, the show has lasted a night or weekend. We’re getting a real treat this year because we’ll have Click! crew goodies for the entire month of October.

We are so grateful for the people who make up the Click! team and we’re delighted to feature some of their work and show the community a little more of who we are. Four of our employees have work to show, and having a painter, photographer, jeweler, and woodworker on the team means there’s a great mix and variety of pieces.

The entire show is in-store through November 10th with select pieces available online here.

We had a chance to glean some insight into their processes + inspiration and loved getting to hear more about their work:

Geena’s love of thrifting and painting influence her art.  She sources high quality vintage clothing and home wear items, and then begins the process of customizing and giving them her own personalized touch. She is inspired by people and architecture in her life and loves to create and surround herself with things that bring her happiness and that she hopes makes people around her feel the same way. Her fave from her current collection? The lamp with the painted shade because of the appealing textures and tones.

Alanna takes photographs that speak to her in a visual sense and which showcase cultures and areas from farther away or examine places nearer to home that deserve a closer look. Exploration in general is where she gets most of her inspiration, and she loves to capture memorable moments and says that the things that appeal to her can be because of the color, symmetry, or the way the light hits something. Her current favorite piece is “View From Brick Bridge” because it was the first photo she took in a city she came to love (Venice).


Moonphase Wall Hanging

Adia makes jewelry that is classic, modern and textural. Her line features items that are easy-to wear, go-to pieces with a few subtle statements thrown into the mix. While her inspiration is mostly abstract, her love of clouds, the ocean and contemporary art converges in many of her pieces. She recognizes that some of her best times for creation come when there is quiet + stillness, especially on grey, drizzly days. One of her favorite things to make at the moment are her jewelry for the home pieces (like this airplant hanger) because why shouldn’t the home get a bit of adornment as well?


Winter Bonsai, 8x8, Woodburn art

Woodworking is Elyssa’s medium of choice. She makes woodburned and acrylic art on different objects such as jewelry, bowls, vases, paper and wood boards. Her inspiration stems from trees, branches + leaves and her process includes hand drawing and burning designs, and painting or staining backgrounds. She loves making earrings with branches on them because she finds wearable art to be both accessible and fun.


We can’t wait for you to check out the mix of woodburned art, jewelry, photography, home goods and clothing that we’ll have for this month. And again, we feel so lucky to have a team made up of people who inspire us daily with their creativity and dedication to their craft <3.

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