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Annual Jewelry Invitational

Look around and you'll see that even with everything that 2020 has brought us, there are bright spots. In this case, the bright spots are actually shiny spots. Shiny spots that are wearable pieces of art - the latest iteration of our Annual Holiday Jewelry Invitational* opens Thursday 11.12 during West Seattle Art Walk.

This season, we'll be introducing two new-to-Click! artists along with new work and expanded collections from the makers of some of our Click! jewelry staples.

Each week, one of the artists will be sharing more about their work, their process and their influences here on our blog. Check back to read their interviews (we'll link them below as they're posted!).

Get first dibs in-store this week :). Pieces will be partially listed online soon.

Tactile, mixed-media pieces from jeweler + lacemaker Twyla Dill


Heather Kraft's one-of-a-kind works, carved from fine china


Pops of color, framed in silver by Jennifer Graves


The newest from Georgetown-based Ann Chikahisa


and of course, the latest in extra-wearable staples by our own Adia Mei Jun Bobo

*Handcrafted jewelry will always be our very first love. Before there was Click!, there was Smersh Design Jewelry (SDJ). Frances's collection of jewelry that began as copper and brass mixed with hardware findings and grew into an award winning selection of silver encased cork, concrete and pearls. Our current line of SDJ is still finished in-house and is based on Frances's love of shape and color sketches.

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