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Cheers to Eleven Years!


We're so happy and grateful to share that this fall Click! is celebrating its 11th anniversary. ELEVEN! That's like, a fifth grade child. We're almost in junior high, you guys! Did you know that traditionally anniversary gifts were made of specific materials that relate to the anniversary being celebrated? That's where the silver and golden anniversaries come from. According to tradition, this is our steel anniversary. It seems fitting; steel is a strong material, but not unyielding, moving both to the forces of nature and of women and men. The celebration of eleven years in business has it's roots in both strength and flexibility. Detail shot of hammer forging hot iron at anvil We've learned a lot in eleven years. Our focus has shifted as the years have gone by, both defined by our changing interests and goals and what our community wants and needs. Our goal has been the same, though: In the words of Frances, co-founder and creative director: "We believe that everyday objects should be conscientiously made, functional, and should contribute beauty to daily life. The works we choose by select designers and artisans impress and inspire us in these ways." We seek out these thoughtful objects to share with our Seattle community. photo credit Jared Chandler Click! started out in a small house in the Admiral District, and has grown into a spacious location in the heart of the West Seattle Junction. This anniversary also marks five years in our current location. It's a significant water mark. Every year is new. We learn new lessons, sometimes relearning the ones we have forgotten. Trying new products and new ideas. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don't. But we keep showing up, we keep the doors open, and you come. Some of you have been showing up for the whole eleven years. Some of you are brand new. We are grateful to all of you. Thank you for showing up, and for believing in us, and choosing to shop local and support your community. We'd like to invite you to our anniversary party this Saturday, October 10th, from 5-8p. As a thank you, all in-stock items are 20% off (except for our featured artwork) during the party. We'll have champagne and snacks. Come share a drink, on us. Thanks for everything! CHEERS! Close-up-of-explosion-of-champagne-bottle-cork2

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