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It’s that time of year again – Spring cleaning! If you’re anything like us, this season also puts us in the mood for a makeover. What better way to make a simple, refreshing transformation to your space than to add a rug to your forgotten floors? We are supremely smitten with Chilewich’s line of area rugs, and we're pretty sure you will be, too. Here are just a few of our favorite features of these innovative floor coverings: 1) Durability. Oh yeah, these suckers last. We carry indoor rugs as well as indoor/outdoor rugs. Let’s face the facts – we live in Seattle. It rains. A lot. We need sturdy, long-lasting, sustainable floor coverings – something to wipe our boots on that we won’t have to throw out in two months, something that doesn’t need to be thrown in the washing machine or steam cleaned each week, something that can withstand the weather…like us. 2) Style. With a wide selection of sizes and patterns, you'll have no problem finding a rug to complement your space. From modern and chic, to classic and cute, it's impossible for these rugs to go out of style. Choose from our colorful variety of basketweave, mini basketweave, bamboo, and striped patterns. The versatility of this brand allows you to be unique and creative in defining your space. Live in a small space? Try separating "rooms" with a runner. Use an area rug to define a corner as a reading nook or office space. With a selection of rugs that can be used outdoors, don't forget to spruce up your patio or balcony! The possibilities are endless. 3) They’re friendly. No, they won’t smile at you or anything. They’re green friendly – which, if you’re a true Northwesterner, that should make YOU smile! The makers of these rugs are taking a huge step in environmental development by replacing common, potentially hazardous materials with renewable vegetable compounds and other natural, sustainable resources. And – major plus – they’re made right here in the USA. It really doesn’t get any better than that. For tips on how to define your space with rugs, and to see and feel the amazing quality of these original designs, come visit us in the Junction!

Available sizes: Indoor - 23"x36", 35"x48", 46"x72", 55"x72", 71"x95", 72"x106.5" Indoor Runners - 26"x72", 30"x106" Indoor/Outdoor - 18"x28", 24"x36", 36"x60", 24"x72", 24" (round)

Style tip: We've reminded you about your floors, but don't forget about your ceiling!

Looking to do a floor to ceiling makeover - literally? How about we finally replace those boob lights from the early nineties with something a little more tasteful! These urban-chic pendant lamps are a modern and stylish complement to our Chilewich rugs, and great news – they’re on sale right now for 50% off! Available in white and chrome.

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