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Welcome to Click!

A neighborhood design store in the heart of West Seattle

We believe that everyday objects should be conscientiously made, functional, and should contribute beauty to daily life. The works we choose by select designers and artisans impress and inspire us in these ways.

  • Quinn, Convertible bag, Ink

    Quinn, Convertible bag, Ink

    hobo, leather, clutch, wallet, hobo the original, seattle, bag, handbag, hand bag, click, west seattle, pouch, quin, quinn, modern, classic, vintage, snap

  • Coffee Press, Carrot

    Coffee Press, Carrot

    forlife, for, life, coffee and tea, coffee, coffee press, ceramic, ceramic press, gift, present, seattle gift, west seattle, click, click design, cafe, cafe style, cafe coffee, cofee

  • rePly e-Ply Chair

    rePly e-Ply Chair

    reply, furniture, plywood, salvage, salvaged, local, gift, present, modern, furnish, one of a kind, hand craft, upcycle, recycle, table, coffee table, side table, stool, chair

  • Monster Mug Blue

    Monster Mug Blue

    Monster, mug, monster mug, porcelain, lollipop, lollipop pottery, handmade, usa, ohio, artisan

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