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Welcome to Click!

A neighborhood design store in the heart of West Seattle

We believe that everyday objects should be conscientiously made, functional, and should contribute beauty to daily life. The works we choose by select designers and artisans impress and inspire us in these ways.

  • Vineyard Whale Tray

    Vineyard Whale Tray

    vineyard, design, thomas paul, fishys eddy, kitchen, tray, platter, dish, click design, west seattle, washington, seattle

  • Divide Bracelet, Matte Sterling Silver

    Divide Bracelet, Matte Sterling Silver

    sarah loertscher, geometric, geometry, facet, earrings, sara loertscher, sarah lurcher, sarah lortcher, geometric jewelry, architectural jewelry, modern jewelry, clean design

  • Koura Droplet, Pendant Lighting, David Trubridge  , Aqua, 500

    Koura Droplet, Pendant Lighting, David Trubridge , Aqua, 500

    trubridge, trubridge light, lights, lighting, trubridge lighting, david trubridge, modern, home, stlish, click, click design, design, seattle, west seattle, click design that fits, koura

  • rePly Edge Stool

    rePly Edge Stool

    reply, furniture, plywood, salvage, salvaged, local, gift, present, modern, furnish, one of a kind, hand craft, upcycle, recycle, table, coffee table, side table, stool

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