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Flip & Tumble 24-7 bag, Lemon Slate

$ 14.00

Reusable grocery bags you won't forget. In bright modern colors great for all of your shopping. Be organized while being fashionable from Click! Design that Fits in West Seattle.

If you have tried to switch to reusable shopping bags, you have probably learned that the hardest part is simply remembering to bring your bags with you each time you go shopping. Because not all shopping trips are planned, this is even more difficult. flip & tumble’s shopping bags get around the problem of remembering the bags because they are small enough to simply live in your purse or messenger bag all the time. That way they are simply there when you need them.

bag size = 12" x 14" x 5" = large enough for 3 half gallons of milk and then some
ball size = 3" in diameter = the size of a peach
weight capacity = 35 lbs. = strong enough for a bowling ball or two
compacting system = premium stretch = like a sockball
material = ripstop nylon
felt patch = keeps the bag on your shoulder
washing instructions = machine wash cold, hang to dry
plastic bags spared = 1,000+

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