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Corda Frame

$ 32.00
Corda is an attractive photo frame inspired by the intricate details exposed stitching reveals on fabrics, made to be displayed on the walls of your home. This unique floating frame holds your photos between two panes of glass which means you have more flexibility in terms of the size of what goes between the panes. Made with a simple wood frame with a natural finish and wrapped subtly with a black cord that travels around the frame and around the peg to hang off the wall, the cord looks like it’s weaving through fabric.

Unique, Modern Photo Frame: A floating photo frame with a glass pane, holds multiple sized photos and can be hung both horizontally and vertically
Paulownia Wood Frame: This paulownia wood frame has a natural finish and a black cord wrapped around it, used to hang the photo frame. The frame hangs off a matching wood peg
Floats Photos: Corda measures 12 ½ x ¾ x 15 ¼ inches and holds one 11 x 14 or smaller image. Images smaller than 11x14 will “float” as seen in the photo.
Display your Favorite Memories: An eye-catching photo frame, Corda is perfect for hanging art, wedding photos, certificates and diplomas

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