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Rosewood Bluetooth Speaker + FM Radio

$ 124.00
Mini & Portable Bluetooth and FM radio speaker. Each Muzen Rosewood Duffle is hand-carved and tailor-made with real rosewood wood to accentuate timbre and warmth. Crafted with the consideration of convenience and aesthetics, each portable rosewood series comes with a unique duffle that allows ease of mobility.

The Rosewood Duffle portable radio speaker is crafted with durable rosewood, has a compact size of 3.7 x 2.83 x 2.2 inches and comes with a travel pouch, so you can easily fit in your bag or carry it with you and enjoy your music wherever you are.

The whole body of this portable Bluetooth speaker is made to be the perfect retro vintage look for home decor. Designed to look like a 1964 radio, the OTR Wood will bring out all the nostalgia.

Winner of the 2017 CES Innovation Awards, this pocket speaker is extremely loud with crisp sound. Made of the finest rosewood for perfect sound clarity and wooden timbre resonance.

Product features include:

Bluetooth and FM Radio
8-10 hour playtime
Cute AF :)

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