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Blackberry Lemonade Shrub

$ 24.95

Say hello to summer in a bottle! This shrub combines the refreshing flavor of sunny Meyer lemons with juicy, peak-of-the-season blackberries. Together they make for rich, fruity flavors that rejuvenate you on hot days and accompany you into summer nights.

These shrubs are a blend of our apple cider vinegar, the highest quality fruit, and a dash of sugar.

  • Use in cocktails, salads, marinades and more
  • Apples grown in California
  • Made just steps away from the orchard
  • Aged in oak barrels for two years!
  • Contains the live vinegar mother

How to use it: Fabulous in a light, hoppy lager - delicious and unexpected! Or mix with sparkling water for a nice, refreshing beverage, which you can certainly spruce up as the evening goes on.

Packed in a glass bottle and finished with a cork—like a bottle of wine!

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, organic evaporated cane juice, blackberries, Meyer lemons

375 ml. (12.7 oz.)

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