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Alchemy Goods


It's here! Alchemy Goods now makes iPad sleeves — hooray! Finally, your iPad can fearlessly kick around the world in the same style as your favorite bag. You know your little Apple friend has been waiting for this momentous moment. "Eastlake" and "Redmond" iPad sleeves $34 We are also well-stocked with many of the other awesome products Alchemy Goods create from bicycle inner tubes and ingenuity. As well as handbags, they have some rockin' accessories for both guys and gals (and helpful side note alert: Father's Day is rapidly approaching! June 17th!) "Elliott" dop kit $32, created with truck tire inner tubes Inner tube belt $42 (cog buckle from Steel Toe Studios, $55) "Franklin" wallet $35 (other styles available, from super minimal wallets to heavy duty clutches) If you don't see exactly the style you want in the store, let us know and we can always special order it for you.  Cos we loves you.

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