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Have a whale of a Valentine's day


We're featuring the ever popular Jonathan Adler whale pitcher for Valentine's Day — I mean, what says true love better than a porcelain whale? "But, Click!" you say, "whatever would I do with a whale pitcher?" We have a couple of suggestions: Pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers from Fleurt, and present your love a bouquet in the fanciest way a bouquet has ever been presented. What about a gift card for their next design-inspired excursion to Click!? Can you hear the call of the whale? They're actually saying "Govino," a new BPA-free, unbreakable, portable wine glass. A little-known fact about porcelain whales: they love drinking from unbreakable wine glasses. You could also stir up a superb pitcher of martinis for two, and toast to St. Valentine in our sparkly platinum martini glasses. Or fill your new pitcher with chocolates, candy hearts, love letters, whiskey, etc — lover's choice! As long as the inspiration comes from the depths of your heart.

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