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Shop Late with Alchemy Goods this Thursday Dec. 1st


Brett from Alchemy Goods will be joining us at Click! for Shop Late Thursday, December 1st from 6 to 9pm. He has assured us that he'll have plenty of bags that you haven't yet seen at Click! and of course all the favorites. the Ravenna, $98 • one of the best selling bags we carry Mission statement by Alchemy Goods: "Turning useless into useful". In AG's SODO studio this means upcycling used bike tire inner tubes for a second go 'round as great looking handbags, wallets, laptop bags, backpacks and more. These hardworking, stylish bags stand the test of time (again) and keep whatever you need to tote safe and sound. Although this time of year, their greatest feature may be that they are a great gift for both guys and gals! the Pike, $138 • a new and welcome addition to Click!'s collection. Elliott Dopp Kit, $32 • so much classier than a ziplock bag. This is the 4th of seven Junction Shop Late Thursday events before the holidays. Don't miss out on the fun. Most shops are open until 9pm with specials and events all evening. Stroll around and get festive! Check here for a full list of Click!'s line up. Did I mention that beverages will be provided by Alchemy's SODO neighbors DRY Soda? Keep it local!

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