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Poketo accessories


The "Line" journals come in four interior designs that match their covers — grids, lined, half-lined, and diagonal.   These versatile little books are perfect for planners, sketchbooks, recipe books, diaries, etc... the list is pretty endless.  Oh!  and lists — they're perfect for collecting all of your lists.  Each one $9.75 Upcycled Street Banner Bags are made from rescued Korean banners. These colorful creations are made by Eco Party Mearry, a South Korean non-profit based in Seoul that specializes in repurposing cast-off materials.  Each one-of-a-kind bag is $21 Desk It!  It's a weekly calendar that's also a sticky note.  Love it!  $11 These super cute everyday journals come in rabbits, dogs, and dolphins.  Chipboard exterior, plain paper inside.  Each one $7. The Clover planner will help you plan your entire life — no dates, so you can start and stop at will.  There are yearly, monthly and weekly calendar sections, plus pockets, places to sketch — even a budgeting guide (yes, please!).  All this organization for only $28. But wait, what is Poketo?
Poketo is a designer of limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor. Founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo promotes the work of top international artists by showcasing original artwork through their fun and accessible wares. Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them a part of your everyday life.
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