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new Xenia Taler!


owl tile (4x4" — comes in three colors — ochre, turquoise, chartreuse) $33
We love unpacking boxes from Xenia Taler!  It's especially appropriate in the springtime, when the birds and flowers are reappearing in our life.  Thanks to Xenia's lovely tiles, we have the same flora & fauna sprouting up inside Click!
chick tile (4x4" — comes in three colors — green, pink, orange) $33
Xenia Taler Ceramics is made up of Xenia and her partner Steven.  Xenia designs all the tiles, and Steven creates the glazes and clay.  Every single detail is hand-crafted.   All of the tiles we carry can be used both on the table and on the wall — they come with a groove in the back for hanging, and padded cork feet for the table.
polka dot beetle tile (4x4") $38
We just received new designs from this dynamic ceramic duo — all of them springtime themed — including flowers, butterflies, beetles, bugs, and suns.
fancy chick tile (6x6") $57

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