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Bambu is back in the store! We love their bamboo "pebbles," made with scraps from manufacturing their cutting boards and serving utensils.  They are unbelievably smooth in the hand, like your favorite worry stone.  Mix them up with the Bambu DeLight pebble for some variety and candlelight.  $19.50 for a pack of thirteen Bambu DeLight tealight holder $5 each New for Click! is Bambu's Cork Bowls — these durable bowls can be folded and formed to whatever your needs are.  If they get too messy, just toss them in the washing machine!  The Cork Bowl comes in two shapes — rectangular and circular — and each bowl is $35. And a standard favorite for backpackers and lunch-packers alike: the Bambu Spork & Cork.  Each bamboo spork comes in a cork sleeve, to tuck away for later. $12 We also love Bambu's exemplary business practices, and their sustainable, fair approach to producing high-quality goods.  Click here to read more about their guiding principles!

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