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Puppets by Cate + Levi


Puppets!  "Cate + Levi" started when Josh Title, the founder, became a father and wanted to provide environmentally friendly toys for his son.  Not finding what he wanted in stores, he decided to make his own.   The end result of this father's quest for sustainable toys are these awesome puppets, hand-stitched in Toronto, Canada, from reclaimed sweaters. Each puppet is uniquely one-of-a-kind, since they are all handmade from found materials.   Click here for a video of how they're made! The puppets come in a range of animals - from dogs & cats to walruses & slugs - and each one is $30. We also have the perfect card from Seltzer that dovetails nicely with our new puppets!  If you've ever been confused on the rules of peek-a-boo, here are the details: Seltzer cards $3.50

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