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Offi Furniture


New Offi furniture arrived last week! We got in more of the popular Mag table — a perfect end or side table — in birch, black, red, and white!   Tuck your books and magazines to the side, and keep your tabletop clear.  Each table is $179-199, depending on the finish.  14 x 25.5 x 16" New for outdoors — The Martini Table.  Light, durable, and a wonderful companion for drinks on the deck, as you watch the sun set.  It's a little early to be thinking about outdoor dining... but a girl can dream, right?  $129  18" x 18" x 23.5" More appropriately for the sleepy, rainly day we're having today — dine in bed!  With this new lap table, you can have your breakfast (lunch?  dinner?  no judgments!) in snuggly comfort.  Or you can use it for your laptop, too.   $159  15" x 30" x 8" And for the kids — Offi's new activity table.  30" diameter, and a 20" height.  $299

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