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Hostess Gifts for the Holidays


Yep, it's the holidays.  Like, tomorrow.  And we at Click! want to make that as easy as possible for you, because we're awesome like that.  Here are some ideas for lovely hostess gifts in case you're lucky enough to not host Thanksgiving this year.  And that, my friends, is certainly something to be thankful for. Lovely cheese plates from JK Adams.  $14 each, or three for $38 The prettiest wine carafe ever!  Pair it with a bottle of wine from Bin 41, and you won't even have to leave the Junction.  Done!  $34 Also vino-related, these Wine Tagz from Modern Twist are a classy way to keep track of your glass.  Write your name with a ball point pen or dry erase marker, and then rub them clean for use at the next soiree.  A set of 6 is $15 Linen tea towels from local artist Dinah Coops — silk screened with love in Seattle.  Each $24 Santa Lucia ornaments from Roost.  These are just as lovely on the tree as they are on the table — use them for gift or name tags!   Small box of 12 $18, large box of 27 $42. 100% soy candles from Lotta Jansdotter.  Long lasting, clean burning, and modern designs.  $24 A few more ideas:
  • Kenneth Wingard picture frames, 4x6" is $21, 5x7" is $26
  • Greentree beeswax tapers, with six different sizes and patterns to choose from!  A set of two tapers is $15-23.
  • Felt table runners , $21

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