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New Jewelers


With all the extra space we have at our new location, we're please to announce that we're expanding our collection of jewelry to include four new jewelers! Dinah Coops is a local artist who silkscreens modern designs and funny animals onto Paperstone, an eco-friendly product made entirely from recycled paper.  We love her designs any way we can take them — Click! also carries her coasters, table mats, and silkscreened t-shirts. Sarah Loertscher is another local artist (and Click! gal) who meticulously fabricates her crystalline-inspired jewelry from sterling silver.  Clean angles and sparkling facets make up her light, linear jewelry, which is simply stunning to wear.  Daphne Olive designs elegant jewelry from bamboo.  Her nature-inspired designs are strongly influenced from the daily walks she takes through the woods with her young daughter.   We love her light, bold, eco-friendly jewelry. Verre NY is Jess Panza & Julie Burton, a two-woman team who create simple, colorful, elegant glass jewelry.   All their jewelry is flameworked glass on sterling silver, and each jewel comes in it's own tiny glass specimen jar.

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