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Final Admiral District Click! party


As recently announced on the West Seattle Blog and the Click! Facebook page, we are packing up shop and moving to the West Seattle Junction at the end of this month. That makes tonight's Alena Hennessy opening the final party at Click! Original Location™, and it promises to be a good one. Alena Hennessy watercolor and ink Alena arrived yesterday with some of the sweetest artwork ever, and she priced it to be nicely accessible: about half the show consists of pieces that are under or around $100. She also brought several dozen of her adorable super-soft cotton screen-printed t-shirts and scarves, so we have a better selection than ever. Alena Hennessy Hydrangea Pod Striped Scarf Party details: Saturday September 11, 5pm to 8pm, at Click! Design That Fits 2210 California Ave SW in West Seattle's Admiral District. Alena's work will be up through the end of the month, and will come with us to our new space at 4540 California Ave SW where it will remain on the walls through early November.

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