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poppi party all month long!


Thanks to all of you who turned out for such a fun, jewel-filled night at Click! last Saturday!  We had an absolute blast hanging out with the inspiring Dawn Benedetto and pawing through her collection of happy, colorful baubles.

Dawn chatting it up with party guests

Great news — we're lucky enough to have our entire poppi collection around until the end of May, so if you didn't get a chance to visit Click! for the party or are needing a second fix, you still have your chance.  Please note that we're keeping poppi's fabulously popular rings in stock indefinitely — they're certainly a store favorite.

And since Mother's Day is just around the corner (ahem — this Sunday, May 9th), we just thought it should be mentioned that poppi's Cluster earrings and her Roe and Petal rings have been a big hit with the ladies.

panoramic party shot

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