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New at Click!, plus some old favorites


As is typical a few weeks after the trade shows, we've been seeing a lot of our favorite UPS driver lately. One of the new favorites in the store is the "Blackberry" tray from Red Vanilla. White porcelain, hand painted with a pattern that pairs nicely with the Modern Twist "Tree of Us" coasters (that's what we call Design That Fits). Blackberry The tray measures 8" x 19.5", and is only $34. Astute observers will notice in the background a product we haven't had in the store for a while: the wine butler, which is a Swiss-Army-Knife-like multi-tool perfect for the wine lover. Another new arrival is this sweet furniture from InModern. Check out the end tables, paired with some sweet ceramics (and a Woolyhoodwink): EndTables and the coffee table (could be a great kids table), stacked with an InModern stool and a several QueenBee bags and wallets: Coffee-Stool Again with the background: check out the Bike Parking sign, $36, new from FluffyCo.

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