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gift thoughts by frances #4


Click! and Dinah Coops have been trying to get together for quite a while and it's finally happened. We knew we loved her aesthetic but didn't know how perfect the match was until the work was in our grabby little hands. coopstablemat table mat $35, two napkins $32. In her own words, "I work toward efficiency in materials, labor and energy; use less toxic materials and those made in the Northwest whenever possible; and create things that last and are made from recycled or quickly renewable materials." coopsteadishcloth coopdishtowel hemp/cotton dish towels $19. It wouldn't be a bad idea to come in and see them for yourself or for someone on your list. It is rare to find function so seamlessly entwined in art that you have to consider whether to dry your hands with it or frame it.  Thanks Dinah!

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