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The definitive holiday decorating guide


The holidays are upon us, and it's time to sass up your home for the impending family gatherings and sugar-fueled gift opening extravaganzas that await. We're here to help.

Let's start at the table. There is no easier way to dress up the dinner table than by adding a table runner, and at $21, there may not be a less expensive way either. Top it off with brushed nickel tea light holders by Kenneth Wingard, and you'll be feeling festive in no time.


If you want to receive good stocking stuffers, you'd better have a good stocking. Read Frances's post from last week on these sweet, modern stockings from Simplemente Blanco. Handmade in Boston by Argentina-born Fernanda Bourlot, these have a simple beauty. And for hanging by the fire with care, try using our purse hangers as stocking hangers. We have new designs for the season that would work perfectly to hang from the mantle.


Sometimes stockings are small, and hang from the tree. Sometimes they have sweet little mittens to hang with them. I'm just saying.


Speaking of ornaments, we had a great idea from a customer recently who bought several of these wooden ornaments, with the idea of using them as gift tags. You could even do that with our ever-popular wood snowflake ornaments, if we haven't sold out of them yet.


You'll undoubtedly be wrapping some gifts, and will appreciate the top quality wrapping paper we're carrying, by Denise Lynn Studios. Don't be surprised when the recipient ignores the gift and frames the paper. No really, we know a lamp maker who has made gorgeous shades from this line of paper... but more on that in the new year.

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