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Click! 5 year anniversary party Friday Oct. 2 6-9pm


You know what we love? We love that five years ago we had this crazy idea to lease a storefront and fill it with things we love, and that five years later people are still coming in the door telling us how much they love it too! So what we're thinking is... let's have a party! cupcake champagne click is five Friday, October 2nd, 6 -- 9 pm We'll pop a few bottles with bubbles and have a tower of treats from Splendid Cupcake. Share your Click! stories with friends and neighbors and do a little shopping: we are giving away a free Roost botanical glass with every purchase (while supplies last, starting at 6pm) and putting all Smersh Design jewelry on sale: 25% off!! which will last all weekend -- through Sunday. More than anything, we want to thank YOU, our awesome Click! peeps, for getting what it is that we do and loving it. We love you too, and we are thrilled to be doing what we do. Don't miss the West Seattle Blog exclusive interview with John and Frances, complete with amusing anecdotes about 10/1/04...

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