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From the five boroughs


We've spent the last week in New York City, kicking the pants off of the trade show and wholesale showrooms to find everything that we can't find locally. This means that Click! is going to have some sweet merchandise coming into the shop for fall and winter, including new home decor from our favorites FluffyCo (bottle openers, wallets), Modern Twist (place mats, coasters), and Three by Three Seattle (yes, we order from them in New York, it's just easier that way, don't ask us why, but for crying out loud they've got DRY ERASE BAMBOO MAGNET BOARDS which are genius; all we can do is love them). We also found some sweet new items, including table runners, holiday ornaments, cocktail shakers, and much more, that we promise to document for you here just as soon as we can get our hands on some images. Oh and hey ladies, you should note that we have not only ordered the new fall lines of Orla Kiely and Highway handbags, we've finally added Portland's finest Queen Bee handbags. We've always loved their designs, but didn't like that they were made of PVC. They've gone to a much more eco-friendly leather alternative and we LOVE THEM. New work will be arriving at the store within a week or so; we'll continue getting fresh new pieces in until holiday madness begins in just a few short months.

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