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More about those rugs


Last week we fired off a quick post about the Thomas Paul wool rugs we are now carrying. LOVE THEM -- Rugmark certified, and certifiably gorgeous. Right now we're focusing on three patterns in the store: Souk, Seed, and Parasol, in 3'x5', 5'x8', and the 2.5'x7' runner, but we can order any size and style... and get them in pretty quickly (about 1-2 weeks for our last order). Check out the TP website for the full line, then get in here and feel that 100% New Zealand wool between your toes. Souk: We love this pattern because it looks like a classic design, but cut and cropped in an unusual manner... which makes it more contemporary. This would fit perfectly in our 1922 house with our grandparents' furniture, and update it nicely. Seed: Botanical elements in design are something we just don't get tired of. Parasols: No one can be uncheered with one of these bright, beautiful rugs in her or his life. Pricing:
  • 3'x5' $270
  • 2.5'x7' runner $338
  • 5'x8' $676
  • 8' round $1082
  • 8'x11' $1466

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