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Mixed Greens Photography at Click!


If you haven't already, check out and then come to Click! to meet authors/photographers Sally Shintaffer and Poppy Barach. Sample some of their recipes and locally made Beecher's cheese, sip a tasty seasonal cocktail, and consider taking home one of their unique images to inspire you in your own kitchen. Both Sally and Poppy have a gentle photographic style that unveils the beauty of summer harvest. We will also have several in store giveaways! including copies of PURE FLAVOR by local cheesemaker Kurt Beecher Dammeier. finally, there are our Fresh & Local June bargains. -  share the beauty - all mixed greens fresh photo cards - 20% off -  shlep your fresh veggies with out a motor - market trolleys - 20% off -  ideas for your newly fresh kitchen - "fresh from the farmers' market" Chronicle book - 20% off -  designed in South Park and poured in Georgetown -  urbancase "transistor" and "polaroid" beeswax candles to illuminate your local meal - 20% off -  and just because - sustainably harvested cork jewelry designed and made at Click! - 20% off -  no more bulky grocery bags - envirosax - $9.50 each, 4 for $32 -  posh plates to showcase your new found freshness - working class studio veggie plates - $9 each, 4 for $32

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