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Pine lamps, now in our web store


We've had these in the store (and on the blog) before, but we just received a new shipment after being sold out for several months. Best of all, we have finally added them to our web store! It seems the artist, Hennig Dyes, is getting on in his years, so we're not sure how long these will be available for -- he is threatening to retire. Hennig is German-born but lives in Costa Rica; he says these lamps are inspired by Norwegian design. They are made from sustainably harvested plantation pine grown in Costa Rica.
There are two sizes and they come complete with wiring for either temporary "swag" (plug/switch) or permanent ("hard-wired") installation. But the best thing is how warm and cozy the light is... even the cool light of a compact florescent bulb is warmed to a very pleasant glow. Small (pictured) $120, large $205. Plantation Pine Lamp

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