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Megan Bailey Screen Printed Art!


The opening party for Megan Bailey was a huge success. Her show Length Wise came together just in time, defying every technical challenge that was put in her way. Having been told that it couldn't be done, she blew everyone away with Crocodile, a seven piece spread in which each scale was painstakingly illustrated. Crocodile Megan's work is about line and form, and it is about animals that are at once figurative and very literal. She started with a series of small 4"x4" blocks, and soon found herself working larger, as in the series of Albatross images entitled "Bird Parts": Bird Parts Blue Bird Parts Green Megan has been our graphic designer for the last year (remember our anniversary cupcake?), and we are thrilled to be hosting her first art show. She has priced the work to be very accessible, and we expect the pieces to move quickly. If you do not live in the Seattle area, please call or email for sizes and pricing. Note that all of the images here link to larger versions.

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